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f I had known something about theology - if I had heard about Satanism, Lucifer, the "dark side", angelology, messianism, prophecy, miracles, and the like, I might not have been taken by surprise by Mr. Melchizedek´s wild response when I telephoned him. "All hell broke loose", so to speak, when I asked Mr. Melchizedek to help to rein in Mr. Winter as he had promised, and as he wrote in his April 1992 letter to Mr. Winter. Because I was not well educated in Judaism (which...
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google: Haavara Transfer Agreement Adolph Hitler - Founder of Israel Adolf Hitler Founded Israel Hitler's jewish soldiers Final Solution to Adolf Hitler Banking with Hitler Haavara Transfer Agreement Money Masters Hitler - Begründer Israels Hitlers Auslandsfinanzierung Hitlers amerikanische Geschaftsfreunde Der Zionismus im Komplott mit dem Nationalsozialismus Sklaven der Gaskammer Okkulte NaZis Das 3.Reich und die US-Industrie
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